Virtual Therapy Information

    PLEASE NOTE THAT AS OF FEBRUARY 23, 2024, SADLY WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING NEW REQUESTS FOR FREE THERAPY. Through generous funding from multiple trusted partners (please see our partners and sponsors page), The AAKOMA Project offered 5 sessions of FREE virtual therapy with culturally responsive providers nationwide. Patients had to be 12 – 30 years of age, a member of a racially/culturally marginalized community to qualify for this support and this program was only for those who had never been to therapy or counseling of any type.

    We would like to share that AAKOMA’s free virtual therapy program has been a highly requested offering, thus our current waitlist for people who have already reached out is 6 months and again WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY ABLE TO ACCEPT NEW REQUESTS. Unfortunately, we are also not able to accommodate emergency requests and we ask that you please seek out culturally responsive resources like your county behavioral health triage hotline, 988 (the National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline) or Crisis Text Line if you feel you might be experiencing a mental health or psychiatric emergency. We are deeply grateful for our sponsors who support equitable access to care via our program and we hope to reopen the program soon. Please stay tuned to this page to learn when we might reopen requests.