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Special Considerations for parents with home based business, entrepreneurs and everyone working from home. 

Right now, go explain to your children and loved ones that there is a certain part of your day necessary for your work.  Sometimes families are tempted to interrupt each other just because they are all in the same space.  We hope that you will try to create private spaces in your home to build the sense of “separate” work space.  Even if you need to get some twine and bedsheets to create a barrier, do so.  This helps reduce some of the tension of “crowding” and unintentional infringing on each others’ time.

We hope that you will also set a schedule and let your family know when you are “Working” and when you are “Off”. This helps everyone understand that (for example) just because dad is up from his desk (or the bed, or the couch as the case may be) getting lunch, he is not “off work” and it is not time to dive in with the worries of the day or playtime.

For many families, this special circumstance presents unimaginable hardships, to this we say, please do whatever you can to support others in need.  Donate to a GoFundMe drive, support local food drives and public school/PTA donation drives.  Some folks belong to community based and service organizations organizing safe and public health compliant support services around food or necessity insecurity.  This is a critical time to think of how others without resources might be faring and to help them.

We may all be asked to stretch a bit during this time given the significant disruption of our schedules, the scramble for many families to even find safe, healthy day care for our children and the adjustment to a temporary “new normal”.  Please stay tuned this week as we will continue to post ideas and strategies to support you.

Know that we see you and we love you.

The team at The AAKOMA Project

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