Starting WEDNESDAY May 13, 2020, join The AAKOMA Project Teen Board and Dr. Alfiee for weekly 10 minute mindfulness meditation. We want to give you a little respite in the middle of your week in the midst of this coronavirus stress so we’re offering a few minutes for you to learn a little on how to be mindful and the practice of meditation. In week one, Dr. Alfiee will lead us on IG Live (from our @aakomaproject IG page) and she will sit for 15 minutes. You are free to pop in and pop out as you like, but we hope you can build up to a full 10 minutes of practice with us. In coming weeks, we will be led by some of our teen board and partners and this is just our way of saying we care and that we want to help support the mental health of ALL teens and young adults (their parents, families and communities too).


@AAKOMAPROJECT IG LIVE every WEDNESDAY at NOON for the next 8 weeks.