“For too long, racial trauma was the elephant in the room that we did not discuss as a society. Today, that conversation is starting to change. We’re honored to be supported by the Community Foundation of Northern Virginia at this critical time to help communities of color find healthy ways to discuss generational trauma.”

Our own Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble, Founder of the AAKOMA Project, shared this sentiment with the Community Foundation of Northern Virginia in response to the incredible news of AAKOMA’s most recent award of funding.  We at the AAKOMA Project were founded on the principle that #mentalhealth is a necessity for all people and that youth, teens, families and communities of color deserve the same love and support for their mental health as any community.

We are excited to have this award of $20,000 to help us generate more research and community outreach. Our goal is to really build up practice-based evidence that can be used by mental health professionals to create culturally-relevant, evidence-based practices. It is our view that this is necessary to help alleviate the racism pandemic and its deleterious impacts on Black people and other people of color.

Our work is firmly grounded in the beliefs that #BlackLivesMatter and that the years of generational trauma resulting from systemic and institutionalized racism must be addressed to uplift and improve the mental health of Black people, people of color and all marginalized groups.

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