The AAKOMA Project announces its selected members for its newly revamped initiative for teens and young adults. Team AAKOMA comprises a diverse pool of young people from all walks of life and experiences. The cohort is the driving force behind AAKOMA’s programs and initiatives for BIPOC and marginalized youth for 2022 – 2023. Meet them here!

Team AAKOMA has assembled to create mental health youth-based content and disseminate research they help conduct to their peers.

Team AAKOMA is a group of diverse young people with amazing contributions to make to our field.

Team AAKOMA teens believe that everyone deserves #OptimalMentalHealth and want to work to make that a reality.

Team AAKOMA is a group of creative and energetic teens, with a desire to get the message of mental wellness to their peers.

Our sponsors

At The AAKOMA Project, we deeply value our sponsors who share their resources, gifts and talents with us in support you intersectional Youth of Color mental health. Check them out right here!

Much of the work of AAKOMA centers around reducing the stigma around mental health care. Since this stigma often begins early, AAKOMA works with teenagers and families to raise awareness, conduct patient-centered research, and encourage young people to begin conversations in their families. AAKOMA brings a special focus on the unique experiences of people of color.


Since our inception, AAKOMA has built and maintained relationships with intersectional BIPOC (including youth who are LGBTQ and Disabled) youth advisors. They’ve helped us lead virtual summer mindfulness meditations sessions, interviewed teen mental health advocates on our social media channels, assisted with our research findings, and helped disseminate our research findings to their peers.

We expect to open applications again in 2024

Team Aakoma
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