How to Get Involved


A world where EVERY child, teen and young adult (inclusive of all points of diversity) feels the freedom to live unapologetically and authentically within an environment that allows them to rise and thrive.


AAKOMA builds the consciousness of Youth of Color and their caregivers to recognize and place importance on mental health, to empower youth and their families to seek help and manage mental health, and to influence systems and services to receive and address the needs of youth of color and their families.

Goal 1: Raising Consciousness

A growing number of Youth of Color and their communities understand the unique importance of their mental health.


  • General population-level awareness and knowledge building about mental health and solutions
  • Media and influencer engagement to destigmatize mental health in BIPOC communities
  • Regular and consistent messaging targeting youth of color on social media platforms and through peer networks for educators trained by AAKOMA

Goal 2: Empowering People

Youth of Color and their communities are better equipped to manage their own mental health and/or support youth of color with their mental health needs.


  • Creation of tools (analogue and digital) that support youth of color to manage self-care and access timely resources
  • Community building activities (e.g., bootcamps and workshops) that build a network and team with knowledge and skills to support youth
  • Networks and channels for accessing to clinical care support in a timely and appropriate way

Goal 3: Changing Systems

Systems are built to respond to the needs of youth of color and their communities by building a sufficient research and evidence base that informs policy and practice.


  • Investing in research to build the evidence base on practices that respond to the mental health needs of youth of color and their caregivers
  • Work with policy-makers to ensure the awareness of and uptake of research in creating informed policy supporting mental health needs of youth of color


How can you get involved?

We welcome your collaboration and support of efforts. Together, we can reach underserved communities via evidence-based practices to support mental health research and care for all.

Raising Consciousness

At AAKOMA, we:

Expand understanding and knowledge of needs and provide solutions for reaching diverse communities.  You can support our effort in the following ways:

  • Collaborate on a social media takeover with AAKOMA.
  • Collaborate on a TV or other media event.
  • Feature AAKOMA in your publication/media outlet.
  • Become a member of our AAKOMA Youth Squad

Empowering People

Adopt proven practices and expand the number of youth and family receiving services. You can support our effort in the following ways:

  • Collaborate on workshops for BIPOC and queen Youth of Color.
  • Invite AAKOMA to lead a town hall with a parents’ group focusing on engaging in mental health dialog with their kids in culturally relevant ways.
  • Collaborate on a workshop designed to reduce stigma in connection with mental illness and seeking mental health treatment.

Changing Systems

Support the building of new evidence-based, culturally relevant practices. You can support our effort in the following ways:

  • Provide financial support for our work.
  • Fundraise for AAKOMA.

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If you are in crisis and need immediate support or intervention, call the mental/behavioral health crisis line of your county behavioral health officeTrained crisis workers are generally available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.  If the situation is potentially life threatening, please go directly to your nearest hospital emergency room.

If you are a teen or young adult in need of mental health support, register here for up to 5 FREE virtual sessions.

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