Exploring Suicide and Young Black Men: Why the Brothers Feel So Alone image

Exploring Suicide and Young Black Men: Why the Brothers Feel So Alone

Dr. Alfiee talked about the stigmatization of mental unwellness among Black people, discussing the additional factors that weigh on Black men specifically.

A 30-year increase in suicide attempts among Black adolescents towers over all other groups. We explore the reasons why and talk to some of the experts who are determined to address it.

Years ago, when Mike Veny was 10, he attempted to kill himself. He said the pain was just too much for him to withstand and he just wanted it to go away. He didn’t know about the tools available to people today like sitting and talking about one’s feelings or learning to deal with one’s internal strife. 

“One day I came home, and I said I was done,” he explained to BET.com. “And I went to the medicine cabinet…swallowed an entire bottle of pills.” 

His mother later found him and took him to the hospital where his stomach was pumped. Ironically, he says, at the time he was angry at his mother for preventing him from ending his pain. And although he survived the attempt, it wasn’t the end of many more bouts of depression which culminated in at least one other suicide attempt.

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