How Black Women Are Conquering Mental Health Issues At HBCUs image

How Black Women Are Conquering Mental Health Issues At HBCUs

Dr. Alfiee describes personal exeriences of racial trauma and discrimination and their negative impacts on the mental health of Black youth in this article highlighting how Black college women are empowering themselves to uplift mental health at HBCUs nationwide.

Being a Black woman in today’s society can be incredibly hard. From the daily pressures of maintaining society’s “superwoman” view, to the need to always seem strong – the mental health of Black women across the country is wavering. The organization Black Women’s Health Imperative reported that “the percentage of Black women 18 years and older who report feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and worthlessness is a tiny bit higher than for white women.”

For example, 3.9% of the Black women interviewed said that they felt “sad” compared to 2.9% of white women. The need for proper resources and medical care is being demanded now more than ever. This especially needs to be done at what are recognized as safe spaces for young Black adults, such as HBCUs. HBCU organizations for Black college-aged women and Black female HBCU alumni are working to ensure that the nation’s HBCUs properly care for the strong Black women on their campus.

For some Black women, they have been facing mental health struggles long before pursuing higher education. From isolation to racial trauma, the concern over the mental health of Black female college students is not a new issue…

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