Instagram just got a whole lot safer for young people image

Instagram just got a whole lot safer for young people

The world of social media, though wonderful in keeping humans connected, has been fraught with toxicity. A new Instagram feature helps young people make informed decisions about how much time they’re spending on its platform.

As a population, we’ve become consumed by social media. Amid a global pandemic, it’s been vital to helping us stay connected with friends and family, but there have also been some pretty significant downsides to our addiction—doomscrolling and toxic positivity, for example.

For young minds, these sorts of things can be particularly destructive, which is why Instagram has introduced new features to help keep teens safe and healthy while using the app.

The ‘Take a Break’ feature will empower people to make informed choices about how much time they’re spending on the platform. If Instagram notices you’ve been scrolling for a while, it’ll recommend you take a break, plus provide you with some expert tips on how to reflect and reset.

“This feature is one necessary positive tool to support young people’s well-being within the context of healthy social media engagement,” says Dr. Alfiee M. Breland-Noble, a psychologist and founder of mental health nonprofit the AAKOMA project.

“It is imperative that we equip a diverse population of Gen Z and Gen Alpha youth with the necessary coping skills and tech tools to help them effectively manage their social media use.”

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