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Tabletop COVID-19 Mental Health Tips

Feeling overwhelmed by COVID-19 stress? We’re offering a free downloadable tabletop COVID-19 guide for teens. Just print out, cut along the black lines, and fold along the dotted lines.

Yard Sign reading "Healthy Minds are Sucessful Minds"

Yard Signs

Using a series of eye-catching slogans on colorful yard signs, mental health non-profit the AAKOMA Project will reach out to communities in Arlington County in partnership with the Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth, & Families. Read more about efforts here.

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Academic and Print Resources

Community Mental Health Engagement with Racially Diverse Populations (2020)

This new book by Dr. Alfiee summarizes research on reducing mental health disparities in underserved populations through community engagement. It discusses the efficacy of such programs with populations of people of color and cultures, for specific disorders, and via specific communities. It identifies how and why community engagement works with these populations, how best to set up new community programs, the steps to success, and includes case studies showing successes and challenges.

Cover of book titled "Community Mental Health Engagement with Racially Diverse Populations"

Racial Differences in the Impact of Adolescent Depression in TADS

“This published study examines racial differences in the impact of adolescent depression between White, African American, and Latino families. Findings are from the Treatment for Adolescents with Depression Study (TADS), a multi-site clinical research study evaluating the efficacy of CBT and Fluoxetine for treating adolescents with major depressive disorder. Primary caretakers of 439 adolescents with depression were interviewed.”

The Epidemiology of Mental Disorders in African American Children

“One in five children and adolescents experience significant symptoms of emotional distress and approximately 10 % of youth suffer from emotional disorders, which impair their personal, school, and family lives. African American youth may experience even higher rates of some psychiatric distress due to a number of environmental challenges they face that place them at risk, including a lack of access to mental health services.

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