Dr. Seetal Parikh-Chopra headshot

Dr. Seetal Parikh-Chopra

With more than 15 years of expertise in the nonprofit sector, Dr. Seetal (she/her) specializes in enhancing programs through data and research. She established programs from the ground up, strengthened existing programs, and mentored team members in program effectiveness evaluation while working primarily in the child welfare sector. She believes that data and research evidence combined can create powerful motivations for action.

Dr. Seetal attended The Chicago School of Professional Psychology for both her Doctoral studies in International Psychology and her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. Dr. Seetal’s dissertation was on the Transgender Minority Stress and Mental Health Outcomes Among Hijras in India.

Dr. Seetal lives with her wife and daughter in Virginia and loves experiencing life with them both. She enjoys taking daily walks, listening to music and dancing, finding ways to connect with herself spiritually, and reading and listening to far too many books and podcasts.