Mrs. H. Kathy Williams, B.A., M.A. is a retired educator where she worked 31 years in the Durham Public Schools. She taught elementary school and served as a high school guidance counselor. She received a BA from Winston-Salem State University, a MA Degree in Elementary Education and a second MA Degree in School Guidance and Counseling from NC Central University. She serves as a Community Partner with Dr. Alfiee Breland-Noble, Founder and CEO of the AAKOMA Project and also serves as a Member of the Advisory Board for the AAKOMA Project. In 1996, Mrs. Williams started an affiliate chapter of the Yellow Ribbon Program (National Youth Suicide Prevention Program) in Durham and an Awareness Presentation “Breaking the Silence”. She has received numerous trainings in mental health awareness and suicide prevention workshops for schools, religious/community groups, and conferences. She has worked to help local communities understand depression and come to grips with the tragedy of suicide. She plans to continue her passion and purpose to research, study, recruit, train, and do whatever it takes to eliminate the stigmas and myths associated with mental health which will allow people to embrace the help that’s needed.

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